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Submission Guidelines
ExtraOrdinary Homes: Built-In Convenience Features
That Can Make Any Home Truly Special

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2006

We’d like to invite you to submit some of your designs to a unique, groundbreaking book I'm writing, ExtraOrdinary Homes: Built-In Convenience Features That Can Make Any Home Truly Special. This is a color-illustrated reference and master idea book rather than a compilation of plans or how-tos. Its emphasis is on function rather than detailing, materials, look or character.

Through seven years of research as well as my consulting work that helps homeowners, builders, architects and other home design professionals identify these convenience built-ins for individual projects, I've already compiled more than 1,000 of them. I'm eager to also include up to 200 more from home design professionals around the country, which will make the book a resource of coast-to-coast professionals experienced with these features.

These built-ins can dramatically improve the functional performance and day-in/day-out livability of every home, such as: a small washer/dryer inside the master closet, foot pedal sink water controls, closet lights that turn on automatically as their doors open, weather stripping inside cabinets in dust-filled areas such as wood shops, battery charging stations, weatherproof outdoor closets to store a hose at every outside faucet, etc. These are the types of built-in features which add convenience, function, comfort and safety to a home that my book describes.

Though often costly and disruptive to add after the walls, floors and ceilings are finished, most of these features are inexpensive enhancements to design into an upcoming remodeling or building project. Yet it's rare to find more than a handful of them in any one home built today, even in homes with multi-million dollar price tags. I hope my book and consulting practice will change that. My mission is to popularize them so they'll become common in American homes of all sizes, styles, décors and prices — for all of these built-ins can significantly increase the function and livability of any soon-to-be remodeled or built home.

Up to half the submissions chosen may be shown as color images in the book. Future books will showcase more of these built-ins, and I may contact you about using some of your submissions in them. There may also be a future TV series.

Benefits to Submitting Professionals

For each feature you submit that's chosen for the book you will receive:

  • A mention of your firm’s name in the book’s text that describes the feature.
  • Contact information about your firm in the book’s Professional Resources section.
  • A press release upon publication, to send to your media contacts, that describes your convenience built-in and its location in the book.

Stage One: Submission of Features
Before March 31, tell us in layman’s terms what feature(s) you wish to submit. Features that have not yet been built are welcome as well. Feel free to submit up to ten of these built-ins, each on a separate piece of your letterhead or in a separate e-mail. Please do not send anything handwritten.

Submissions are welcome by mail, FedEx or e-mail to:
Carol Abrahamson
ExtraOrdinary Homes
2675 West Highway 89A, #1241
Sedona, AZ 86336
or submissioninquiry@extraordinaryhomes.com.

Please be sure to mention the following about each of your submissions:

Information About the Feature

  • Description: The convenience built-in feature you are submitting.
  • Location: Which room or area it is in, which precise part of the room if that matters and is not understood.
  • Alternate Locations: Which other area(s) of the house this built-in might also work in.
  • Function: The problem the feature solves, the function it provides or the benefit it brings.
  • Issues: Any critical timing or installation issues or constraints (such as, “this requires wood sub-flooring”).
  • Alternatives: Describe any variations or alternative built-ins that offer the same benefit.
  • Protection: Any patent issues.
  • Miscellaneous: Any miscellaneous comments or cautions about this feature (such as, “this could be problematic if cats or dogs live in the house”).
  • Where Exists: Did this feature ever get built into a home? If so, in which city and state or country is the home located? (Homeowners will not be identified.)
  • Photographs: Does a color image of it exist now and if so, what form is it in (print, digital, 35mm slide)? If not, could a color image of this feature be taken before June 2006, if requested? (Color prints are preferred.)

Information About You

  • Your name, title, direct telephone, e-mail.
  • Your firm’s name, address, telephone, e-mail, website address.
  • Your contact person’s name, telephone, e-mail for our follow-up.

No images are required in Stage One. However, color prints or color copies are welcome with hard-copy submissions. Jpeg images on CDs or slides are welcome, too. If you send images, please note your name, firm and telephone on each one. Please do not send any images by e-mail.

If you would like your submission returned, please enclose an appropriately-sized self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with proper return postage.

Stage Two: Selection of Features and Follow-up
Stage Two will occur by mid-2006, when we will:

  • Inform you of our selection.
  • Process the paperwork to use your feature(s) and give credit to you, and to get your client’s permission to use images of their home.
  • Finalize the color images.

Closing Thoughts
This book will be the definitive reference about these convenience built-ins for homeowners and home design professionals alike. It will also facilitate two-way communication of ideas between professionals and their clients. Its purpose is to improve the satisfaction and value clients get from their new and improved homes. If you have any ideas about what else might help accomplish this, I’d like to hear them.

Please contact me:

  • To receive a newsletter about these convenience built-ins and other home design trends.

  • To add your firm to our list of professionals experienced with these features.

  • To learn more about my consulting work.

  • With questions or comments.

I hope you are as excited to showcase these built-ins and impress homeowners with their power to dramatically enhance everyday living as I am!

Looking forward to seeing your submissions,

Carol Abrahamson
800.979.3224 or 928.284.5753

ExtraOrdinary Homes: Affordable Convenience Built-Ins That Make Your Home Truly Special
Carol Abrahamson, President
2675 West Highway 89A, #1241
Sedona AZ 86336
800.979.3224 or 928.284.5753
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