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Thrill Clients And Increase Your Sales and Profits Through Our Gift Consultation Program

Have clients who dream about living in an extraordinary home jam-packed with affordable conveniences?

Eager to thrill them with a customized gift they’ll long remember and appreciate you for — and tell all their friends about?

Want to be the one who connects them with the essential resources they’ll need for planning a hugely successful remodel, major repair or new home?

All this can be yours — and theirs! — for a mere $37!

Give your clients one of our Consultation Gifts. They’re unusual, high-impact real estate closing, house warming or getting-started gifts your clients simply won’t stop talking about! And they’re only for homeowners working with real estate, home design and building professionals.

Your prospects’ and clients’ lives, homes and pocketbooks will be significantly enhanced by our convenience built-ins.

What do they get?
Everything they need to have a home full of extraordinary — but affordable — convenience features. First, they’ll learn the major principles of what makes a home extraordinary. They’ll also learn an extraordinary home doesn’t have to be expensive. Plus we’ll have a detailed telephone consultation that’ll lead to dozens of affordable built-in feature ideas we provide that’ll make a big difference to their lives, their home and their pocketbook. These are features they’ll love, benefit from and enjoy for all the years they live in their home. And every one of them will be customized to reflect your clients’ individual lifestyle, needs and preferences.

The exciting and remarkable home your thoughtful gift helps them create will give them pleasure they’ll remember and appreciate you for every day for years to come!

Specifically they receive:
A certificate describing the details of this $250.00 value they can use any time within 12 months.

Our proprietary 34 Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home and our 10 Essential Storage Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home.

A one-hour telephone consultation with us that introduces them to several convenience built-ins that are uniquely suited to their daily needs and living situation.

A report describing at least 30 fabulous built-in features for their specific upcoming project that might otherwise take them hundreds of dollars and many months to find. And that report will continually remind them this custom service was your gift via your name and contact information on its cover.

The opportunity to acquire even more amazing ideas from us through our website, our “free samples” of the ideas in our collection, and our homeowner products and services.

A more exciting and extraordinary home — on a smaller budget — than they ever dreamed could be possible! One that increases their quality of life and is more valuable than most while making them the envy of the neighborhood.

And you get:
Thrilled clients who benefit from your thoughtfulness every day they live in the home your gift helped them create.

The option of receiving our proprietary 34 Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home and our 10 Essential Storage Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home, so you can discuss and consider them with your clients.

The option to join the one-hour telephone consultation we have with your clients, in order to learn what we learn about their needs, wishes and preferences for their upcoming remodeling or building project.

The option of receiving a copy of the report we create for them. And with your name on its cover, they’ll constantly be reminded of your unexpected and inspired gift that’s making such a difference in their lives and their future.

You’ll be your clients' hero as the source of uncommon, exciting, affordable ideas they never dreamed could be in their future home. And don’t think they’ll keep their excitement about working with you to themselves! You can not only count on their repeat business, but also their referrals.

As you become known as the source of unusual features your clients love, your business will be differentiated from your competitors’. And you’ll be known locally as the one who goes the extra mile to help their clients find the most fabulous ideas possible for their next project. The result will be more prospects eager to join your client list than ever before — perhaps so many that you’ll have to establish a waiting list because there are too many to handle all at once. And with waiting lists, higher profits won’t be far behind!

What’s the cost?
The astoundingly-low fee of only $37!

Why so low? Two reasons: we want to thank you for the opportunity to introduce your clients to these fabulous ideas. And we hope to work with you often via this benefit-packed program!

One last thought that’s too important to ignore. . .
Your and your clients' privacy are guaranteed. So is their satisfaction — and yours — or you get your money back.

Contact us by phone or e-mail today to get us on board to give your next clients some of the best home improvement ideas they’ve ever seen!

We’re eager to give all your clients remarkable ideas that’ll thrill them!

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