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Have An ExtraOrdinary Home Through Our Exciting, Affordable, Uncommon Front Entrance Ideas

Clever front entrance idea for your next home remodeling or building project.

Researching affordable home improvement or home remodeling ideas for an upcoming project?

Looking for a practical front entrance idea you haven't seen before?

Anxious you might not "get it right," and have to wait years before you have another chance to add some really terrific features to your home?

You've come to the right place!
We have over 1,000 unusual, innovative, clever front entrance ideas and more. Here are three from our collection that can literally change your life:

  • A doorbell intercom outside the door that can be answered from every telephone in the house (also via your cell phone while you're out). No more dropping everything to run to answer the door!
  • Doormat-sized recessed flooring outside the door, so doormats are flush with the flooring, to minimize tripping over a mat.
  • Keyless entry to the house via a small magnet card, remote control or an easy-to-read keypad mounted at an accessible height. No one needs to ever worry about losing their key again, or to struggle while finding or selecting theirs! Kids who come home from school to an empty house; anyone who comes home when it's dark; adults who walk, jog, or cycle; houseguests and seniors with arthritis in their hands will all find this especially useful.

We also have 34 general principles and 10 essential storage principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home that all our consulting, books and presentations promote.

These are built-ins that'll enhance your quality of life and your home's value — big-time! — as they WOW you and your family. Best of all, most of them don't require a big budget.

And our 5,000 hours spent researching these features for every part of the house will save you hundreds of dollars and hours trying to find them yourself. We spent years collecting our first 1,000 — many more convenience built-ins than anyone else has — just so you won't have to!

Learn more about our amazing, affordable home improvement and home remodeling ideas for your next project.

We can't wait to tell you more!

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