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Planning to remodel or build a new home?

Looking for affordable, innovative home improvement ideas that will change your life while they increase your homeís value?

Concerned your upcoming project may be your last chance for a while to seriously upgrade your living space? Pressured to not miss a trick?

Youíve come to the right place!

The ideas in our home improvement and remodeling articles will thrill you and your readers.
Hereís a quick tour of many practical features from our collection thatíll change your life — literally! For example, theyíll save you thousands of hours via efficiencies and shortcuts in your everyday living. Or allow you to continue to live independently in your own home as you get older or if you become disabled. If those arenít change-your-life benefits, we donít know what is!

Weíre passionate about helping you improve the quality of your life and the value of your home via these hard-to-find, exciting ideas. And about acquiring and presenting the most complete collection of them possible in easy-to-use products and services (weíve got over 1,000 feature ideas so far). Products and services that save you loads of time, energy and dollars finding them yourself.

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The 34 Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home (560 words)

The Ten Essential Storage Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home (1390 words) Contact us for a 650-word version of this with only the principles.

An ExtraOrdinary Home is Easily Within Reach of Virtually Every Homeowner (610 words)

Ten Convenience Built-Ins thatíll Save Your Busy Household Hundreds of Hours Each Year (700 words)

Ten Convenience Built-Ins thatíll Help Seniors and the Disabled Live Independently (740 words)

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