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Benefit from our thousands of hours and years of research. Tap into our extensive features collection and save yourself tons of time, energy and dollars. Find uncommon, innovative ideas you might never discover on your own. Be reminded of exciting built-ins you saw previously that appealed to you. Use our convenience ideas to create an affordable extraordinary home that not only improves your daily life, but also increases your home’s value and makes you the envy of your friends.

We’ll deliver dozens of exceptional benefits to you by:

Identifying how you can have an affordable extraordinary home that’s a joy to live in.

Revealing the means to a more wonderful, suitable, cost-effective home.

Dramatically enhancing your living environment in ways that meet your individual needs.

Every homeowner’s life, home and pocketbook will benefit significantly from our convenience built-ins.

Offering you clever, hard-to-find choices that are perfect for your lifestyle and budget.

Increasing your home’s value and resale appeal no matter what it’s size, price, décor, age or style.

Enabling you to have more-enjoyable time spent at home.

Helping you create a high-WOW!-factor home unlike any other on the block.

Clarifying your preferences and priorities.

Simplifying your decision making process.

Saving time and dollars re-doing or re-thinking your project mid-stream.

Saving you money via a top-to-bottom, totally planned-ahead project.

Reducing construction costs, disruptions and delays.

Saving you hundreds of research hours and dollars through our compilation from thousands of sources.

Delivering a simpler, more organized research and planning process, and one with a broader scope.

Making it quick, easy and efficient for you to review and consider lots of options that’ll WOW you, your friends and family.

Being a thorough, organized reference and premier master home design resource.

Offering planning tools, checklists and books with space for copious notes and sketches.

Saving you effort and stress.

Inspiring and informing you about what’s possible and practical within any given budget.

Improving the quality of your life and your ease of living.

Introducing you to a huge collection of high-impact features for every room and part of your house.

Presenting desirable convenience built-ins no one else in your neighborhood has that have a place in every home in America.

Showing you how to add new levels of convenience, function, comfort and safety to your home.

Providing dozens of otherwise unknown good ideas per room — and 1,000+ for the whole house.

Describing luxuries that are often surprisingly inexpensive.

Revealing new possibilities resulting from technology or the functional characteristics of new materials.

Saving you thousands of hours in daily efficiencies and shortcuts.

Enabling you to live independently in your own home well into your senior years through immensely practical features.

Empowering the disabled to enjoy high levels of personal freedom.

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