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We realize everyone we get to work with has unique needs and things to consider. And no matter what those aspects of a specific project are, our impassioned goal is to make a big difference to everyone’s remodeling, building or home repair project. Perhaps these case studies will help you decide whether we can also make a big difference to your next project.

Every homeowner’s life, home and pocketbook will be significantly enhanced by our convenience built-ins.

Todd, a single 30-year-old who worked his way through school as a handyman, is totally jazzed about his first major investment — a two-story fixer upper. With a modest budget in mind, he decides he can afford to remodel one room every 12 months. First up is the bathroom, his favorite place to unwind after a long day on the job, or after working on his house on weekends.

We can provide him with affordable but innovative built-in convenience features for all the rooms of his house, while saving him hundreds of hours of research about what to include in each room’s improvements.

Jonathan and Marta, parents of a busy family of four, have been long-time owners of a large and gracious old Colonial-style home. After deciding to stay put until the kids are grown because the schools are top notch, they decide to reconfigure their home’s rooms in order to add a great room and a large master suite. With the help of a neighbor’s referral, they hire a general contractor who they know can handle all the details of such an extensive and disruptive project.

With our help, they can identify dozens of exciting, clever, practical built-ins for each new room. Features that will save them hundreds of hours every year in efficiencies and shortcuts in their daily routines, while also adding some modest creature comforts. Their new rooms will be the talk of the PTA!

Andre, a residential architect, defines his professional role to include being a source of dozens of built-in ideas that could enhance his clients’ projects. However, he’s never made a master list of the dozens of features his clients over the years have been most excited about.

We can offer him all the ideas he’s ever considered — and more — in an orderly fashion, for every one of his future remodeling and building projects. That way, he knows he hasn’t overlooked any of them. We’re also a consistent source of information about new ones he may not yet have read or heard about.

Jeremy and Heather, urban baby boomers with a newly-emptied nest, want to simplify their lives now that the kids are gone. All their friends still live within walking distance of their downtown co-op. Jeremy, a consultant to two dozen corporate clients, would like to move his office into their home, and Heather is tired of renting studio space on the outskirts of town for her art projects. They have four empty bedrooms an interior designer will help them reconfigure and modify, so they both can stop commuting.

We can help them clarify their preferences and priorities, and choose uncommon convenience features that will increase their home’s value and resale appeal, while making their additional time spent at home each day especially productive and enjoyable.

Sharlene, a fifty-something divorced attorney with no kids, wants to upgrade to a home she can use to entertain clients and prospects — one which will accommodate her inclination toward lavish, elegant, expensive parties that speak volumes about her professional success. After reviewing and rejecting all the high-end homes on the market within thirty miles, she hires an architect to create a contemporary dream house where no expense or luxury will be spared.

The unusual, high-impact ideas we can tell her about will show her how and where to put every possible convenience that will totally WOW her guests, while saving both her and her architect hundreds of research hours finding them independently. She’ll no longer have to worry about keeping up with the ever-elusive “Joneses” — instead, she’ll be the one her friends envy and struggle to keep up with!

Harold and Maude are a retired couple who want to downsize from the plantation-style home they raised their kids in. Maude had a stroke last year and now uses a wheelchair most of the time. Their kids and grandkids live across the country and aren’t likely to visit, so all they need is 1,000 square feet to live in, plus a 400-square-foot studio apartment for an occasional guest, or for live-in help either of them might require in the years ahead. They find a floor plan in a plan book for a ranch house they really love, and they start to interview builders.

We can help them identify numerous features that’ll make their life easier and more efficient, while making their new home a joy to live in for a very long time — all while addressing Maude’s special needs.

Annette is a new interior design school graduate. Bright and eager to offer her clients exceptional service, she’s in the early stages of compiling her own collection of favorite ideas to inspire clients with.

She can rely on us as her premier source about convenience built-ins that’ll make her as valuable an idea source for her clients as an old pro would be.

Tyler and Candy are newly married, four years out of college, and eager to buy their first home while interest rates are relatively low. They find a newly-opened development of modest townhouses in their price range, and decide to buy one. Their home won’t be completed for six months, which allows them time to identify some extras beyond what the builder offers that they can pay-up for. Though she’s working full time, Candy’s excited to start exploring homes and reading home design magazines, looking for ideas to steal. But in the limited time she has available, after two months of research, she only finds two ideas for built-in conveniences they can get really excited about.

Using our database of ideas that simplifies as well as broadens her research and selection process, she can find dozens of affordable features that’ll expand her sense of what’s possible and practical for enhancing their first home — making it feel special without blowing their budget.

Margaret was widowed a decade ago, and has remained in the traditional home she shared with her beloved Richard for forty years. Now over 70 and with many friends who tell horror stories about living in retirement homes, she wants to stay in her home as long as she possibly can. Her son and daughter-in-law begin to research how her home might be modified in order to make it possible for her to remain in it well into her 90s or longer.

Our collection of potential home modifications were developed by experts in “aging in place” and universal design, and they address all the various physical needs of a long-lived senior citizen.

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