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Have An Amazing, Affordable ExtraOrdinary Home Through Our Home Building And Remodeling Consulting

Want a more exciting and extraordinary home — on a smaller budget — than you ever dreamed could be possible?

Worried you might miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jam-pack your new rooms with dozens of affordable features?

We can help!
Our premier Enhance Your Home!™ home building and remodeling consulting service will help you have the home of your dreams — without a big budget. And it works whether you’re remodeling, building or planning a major repair.

Every homeowner’s life, home and pocketbook will be significantly enhanced by our home building and remodeling consulting.

How does it work?
Drawing on our collection of more than 1,000 uncommon convenience built-ins for every room of the house, we’ll recommend practical, clever, innovative ideas that specifically reflect your unique lifestyle, needs and preferences.

You’ve probably never seen many of these features before and wouldn’t easily find them by yourself. We spent over 5,000 hours since 1998 scouting them so you wouldn’t have to do that research, and now we have them ready for your next project!

These are the features that will improve your quality of life each and every day for years, while increasing your future home’s resale appeal and value. Not only that, your neighbors won’t be able to stop talking about these affordable home improvement ideas that add so much convenience, function, comfort and safety to your home. (Where else can you get such a big return on such a small investment?)

They’ll work no matter what your home’s size, décor, age or style. Best of all, they’re for homes in all price ranges, and they won’t blow your budget!

What’s it worth to you to discover a single affordable built-in that you’ll love living with for years to come?
When you consider the cost of your whole project, and the time, energy and dollars you might otherwise spend doing this research yourself, asking us to provide the very best ideas for your specific needs almost becomes a no-brainer.

Try to do that research yourself in your so-called “spare” time, and you risk not finding your best-bet features until after your project’s complete — when it’s too late! Or not ever finding them.

You have nothing to lose and no risk.
For we guarantee your satisfaction. Our goal is to tell you about more and better ideas than you ever imagined. You'll get all your money back if you’re not thrilled with the ideas we provide. (And you won’t have to ask for it twice.) We also guarantee your privacy.

What to do next?

Assure yourself our ideas aren’t ones everybody already knows about.
Check out our free samples and our articles showcasing these fabulous features. Or buy some of our home improvement books.

Then spend a few minutes looking at our typical projects and the benefits we bring you, as well as what others just like you say about our work. And skim through the national media outlets that have recognized our expertise.

Ready to get us started generating terrific ideas for you?
Then contact us by phone or e-mail about making your dreams and your dream home a reality.

One last thing. . .
If you know someone who’d also love an affordable extraordinary home, tell them about us or give them one of our gift certificates!

We can’t wait to share our wonderful ideas with you!

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