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Ask Us About The Exciting, Innovative, Practical, Affordable Yet Uncommon Convenience Built-Ins Thatíll Thrill Your Audience

As an expert in this vital segment of the home design field. . .
Carol Abrahamsonís interviews are entertaining as well as informative. And the remarkable home design ideas sheís spent years collecting will energize, motivate and inspire your audience. Here are some sample interview questions that reveal exciting home improvement ideas your audience can use.


How did you get started in this field? (Answer takes 2 minutes)

Thereís a lot of information out there about home decorating and the new trend of makeovers people can do in a day or a weekend. I havenít heard much about what you call functional features or convenience built-ins. Why is that? (30 seconds)

How exactly do you define these features? (90 seconds)

What happened historically to make these built-ins so totally disappear from the scene? Why donít homes today include much functionality besides the electric switches and faucets? (90 seconds)

Are these features difficult to find today? (30 seconds)

How did you go about finding them, and how many have you collected? (90 seconds)

The Features and Why Homeowners Love Them

You say these features make ordinary homes extraordinary. Can you give us some examples? (90 seconds)

Arenít these just for high-end homes? Are they expensive? (60 seconds)

Who are these ideas right for? (30 seconds)

What benefits do they bring homeowners? (60 seconds)

Why else are these features important? (30 seconds)

So how can homeowners get some of these features into their homes? Do they have to sell the home theyíve got and start over? (30 seconds)

Many in our audience are busy families always running from task to task ó or are over-scheduled adults without any kids around. What unusual but gee-whiz features can help them? (60 seconds)

What about senior citizens, or people worried about what their aging parents need in order to be safe and have a high quality of life. What hard-to-find ideas do you have for them? (90 seconds)

Your books and website say you hope to revolutionize and change the face of the US home building industry. Thatís a big challenge ó how do you plan to do that? (60 seconds)

How Newly Available Resources Can Help Your Audience

We often hear friends say how stressful it is to decide what to include when theyíre remodeling or building a new home. Why is that, when there are so many exciting possibilities on the market today? (2 minutes)

It sounds like thatís where you can help with your collection of ideasÖ (60 seconds)

What else have you done with these ideas? (30 seconds)

You have some principles of an extraordinary home? Can you give us a few? (30 seconds)

How can our audience get the whole list of 34? (60 seconds)

What else do you have thatís a free gift for our audience? (60 seconds)

And how can they tap into more of your ideas? (60 seconds)

What distinguishes your work from other home design experts? (60 seconds)

Are any of the features you mentioned today in any of your six books? (90 seconds)

At what point do your services become valuable to homeowners? (90 seconds)

Again, how can our audience get their free gifts from you? (30 seconds)

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