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We’ve packed our premier monthly home improvement and remodeling e-newsletter, The Home of Your Dreams™, with exciting, affordable built-ins. Ones that’ll add convenience, function, comfort and safety to your home. And they work no matter what your home’s size, price, décor, age or style.

"I so look forward to receiving your newsletters and have, in fact, printed them and am keeping them in a binder. Thanks so much for all your ideas and expertise, and please keep those newsletters rolling!"

Heather Hawkins, Richmond VA

Those ideas are our specialty.
We have more than 1,000 uncommon, high-WOW!-factor, affordable home improvement and home remodeling ideas that’ll increase the efficiency, satisfaction and value you receive from your home in a big way.

At last, someone has compiled these features from thousands of sources so you don’t have to! And they’re all available to you — without delay — through our consulting, publications and presentations. We also have some other free samples of the exciting ideas in our collection for you.

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