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About the home design industry. . .
“The ‘Next Big Thing’ in home design is increased functionality. And not a moment too soon! Virtually every home built today — even those costing millions — is a disaster when it comes to its actual functionality compared to its potential to be functional and to actively support the daily lives of its inhabitants.”

“Ten trends underscore the importance of homes that actively contribute to the daily routines and habits of their inhabitants:

  • Historically-low interest rates encouraging active, younger home buyers.
  • Adults with careers and busy lives.
  • Super-busy families with single parents, or both parents working outside the home.
  • Kids with busy schedules.
  • The cocooning trend to spend more time at home.
  • Baby-boomers as empty nesters with vibrant interests and full schedules.
  • Living longer and wanting to age in place in one’s own home.
  • Seniors wishing to live independently.
  • Second and new careers for financial or lifestyle reasons for over-60 adults.
  • Seniors wanting stimulating, fulfilling and high-quality lives.”

“The Number One trend in America during the last 50 years is convenience. In the 1960s we saw the dawn of convenience foods. . .by the ’80s we had convenience appliances stealing the thunder of standard models. . .and now we are entering the age of convenience homes."

“The current American obsession with home conveniences is driven by eight trends:

  • The importance of nesting and home-based creature comforts since 9/11.
  • People spending more time at home, and wanting that time to be enjoyable, both since 9/11 and as a result of the current lackluster economy.
  • The appeal of investments in homes vs. sideways-performing stocks and bonds, especially with the help of today’s historically-low interest rates.
  • Families’ interest in features that make their busy lives easier and more efficient.
  • The importance of home improvements that specifically increase a home’s value and resale appeal.
  • The aging of the population, coupled with the motivation to remodel in order to be able to remain in one’s home as one ages.
  • Homeowners seeking practical, innovative, affordable ideas they can get excited about.
  • People trying to surpass the ever-elusive ‘Joneses.’”

About individual homes and homeowners. . .
“A truly extraordinary home is within reach of virtually every homeowner, and no longer just a benefit of being rich! Hundreds of feature possibilities that transform an ordinary home into an extraordinary one can now be built-in, and most don’t require a big budget.”

“It’s entirely possible to have a home that actively supports the daily routines and habits of its owners. And for very little investment, if you plan it right!”

“The 45 million adults who own most of the 30 million homes that are remodeled annually (that’s 40% of all owner-occupied homes in America!) are missing a huge opportunity to affordably add big-time value and convenience to their homes.”

“The specific built-in features that are (or aren’t) present in a home have enormous potential to literally change the lives of its inhabitants.”

“Making home design complicated is the single biggest mistake people make today. It no longer has to take hundreds of hours over many months to research high-impact built-in features to consider including in an upcoming remodeling or building project.”

“The most common lament we hear from homeowners who have recently finished a remodeling or building project is: ‘If only we’d known about THAT (feature) in time to build it into our home!’ Thank goodness the days of that lament being so common are numbered!”

“We’ve developed 34 overall principles and 10 essential storage principles of an extraordinary home.”

About the home-industry professions (real estate, home design and building). . .
“Competition has never been tougher. And never has there been more potential to distinguish a business from its competition in ways that will also lead to truckloads of referrals and repeat business.”

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