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Carol Abrahamson WOWs Homeowners And Home-Industry Professionals About ExtraOrdinary Homes That Transform Their Lives And Businesses

Carol canít wait to thrill you and your audience with her life-transforming information!
With formats ranging from 30 minutes to full days, sheíll customize her signature presentation specifically for your audience and event. Her goal is to create value, glowing evaluations and a high ROI that make you a star. And sheíll tailor a program that leaves participants inspired, informed and eager to act on numerous specific ideas thatíll improve their personal or professional lives.

She can deliver anything from an information-packed lecture to interactive problem solving that directly addresses attendee issues, concerns and interests. No matter what type of session you desire, your eventís purpose and goals, and your audienceís needs will all be top-of-mind as she creates a riveting presentation for you.

Her flagship presentation, The Power of an ExtraOrdinary Homeô, can be designed to include the following compelling content for either of these two highly-responsive audiences.

Every homeownerís life, home and pocketbook will be significantly enhanced by our speaker topics.

For homeowners. . .
The Power of an ExtraOrdinary Home to Improve Your Life and Your Pocketbook — and to Literally Change Your Life!

Everyone always seems to be scouting for innovative, clever home improvement and remodeling ideas. Even when they donít have a specific project in mind. This dynamic program can include from 21 to 101 of Carolís landmark, affordable convenience built-ins that make ordinary homes extraordinary. It never fails to empower and excite listeners about how they can have a more amazing and extraordinary home – on a smaller budget – than they ever dreamed could be possible!

The beauty of this topic is its ability to be customized to focus on any room or area in a home. Or on various homeowner situations such as quick and easy built-ins on a budget; time-saving shortcuts for busy households; becoming an empty nester; making a home kid-friendly; home design ideas for entertaining, disability, aging and more. There are endless specific possibilities. Whatever content you decide to have Carol deliver, your group will be thrilled by these professional secrets only a few architects and contractors are familiar with.

Carolís 1,000+ uncommon feature ideas, her proprietary 34 Principles of an ExtraOrdinary Home and 10 Essential Storage Principles, and the information in her numerous books all can be mixed and matched to create a captivating program your audience wonít be able to stop talking about!

For real estate, home design and building professionals. . .
The Power of an ExtraOrdinary Home to Differentiate Your Business and Increase Profits

Energize and empower your professional group with Carolís total system of surefire tips, tools, techniques and secrets to make their businesses boom. When home-industry professionals differentiate themselves as the sources of convenience features that homeowners love, it doesnít take long for increased sales, profits, referrals and repeat business to follow.

Carol reveals various ways professionals can build their local reputations as the ones who go the extra mile to help clients find the most amazing and practical ideas for their projects. As word of their stand-out efforts spreads around their towns, the professionals in Carolís sessions become known as the experts everyone wants to work with!

The program she designs for you can intertwine dozens of powerful, exciting feature ideas your groupís clients can add to their next remodeling or building projects with her business development systemís components. She can balance these two content segments or emphasize one over the other. Either way, your audience will get practical tools and training they can quickly and easily ó and without a big investment in time or energy ó use the very next day!

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