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We Offer Dozens Of Topics To Introduce Your Audience To These Remarkable Convenience Built-Ins

As an expert in this vital segment of the home design field. . .
Carol Abrahamson can enthusiastically provide built-in feature ideas for your audience to use — and love! — on dozens of topics (images are available, too):

  • Any room of the house.
  • Specific areas within a home's rooms (kitchen storage, pantries, closets).
  • Any family situation (kids, grandkids, teens, empty nesters, single adults, three-generation families).
  • Numerous lifestyles (single parent, urban professional, couple who entertains, retiree).
  • Various financial scenarios (starter home, trophy home, vacation or weekend cabin, downsized simplicity).
  • Major physical disabilities and changes (movement, sight, hearing, dexterity, strength, aging).
  • Things old that are new again (dumb waiters, hidden passageways, lazy susans, pass-throughs).

And here are some specific possibilities:

The 34 principles of an extraordinary home.

The ten essential storage principles of one, too.

How to have an extraordinary home — affordably.

Not working with an architect for your home remodeling project? Ideas one might suggest to make your future home extraordinary.

Dozens of fabulous features that’ll enhance your next home remodeling or building project and increase your home’s value — without blowing your budget.

Trying to keep up with “the Joneses?” Zoom past them with these uncommon, practical convenience built-ins for your home.

Remodeling your home soon? How to have the most admired house on the block without it costing an arm and a leg.

Ten innovative ways your home can functionally support the way your family really lives.

Too busy to get to all the things you want to? These clever convenience ideas will save you thousands of hours in shortcuts and efficiencies.

Hoping to grow old in your current home, or trying to help your parents stay in theirs as long as possible? A dozen uncommon home improvement ideas to enable independent living for years.

Permanent chaos at your family’s entrance to the house? Remodeling features that make this the most functional and organized part of your home.

Dad coming up to a landmark birthday? (or, Want to give him something really special on Father’s Day?) Give him a wood shop that will replace his lounge chair as his favorite part of the house.

Thrill your wife with the master closet (or ubër-pantry) she deserves for Valentine’s Day (or Mother’s Day, or your next anniversary). A list of features to be sure you include.

The 12 most important recent home design and room placement trends.

Quick and easy weekend do-it-yourself projects.

A dozen terrific ideas tenants can install without their landlords ever being the wiser.

To explore these or to discuss other possibilities, call or e-mail us.

We can’t wait to excite your audience about these fabulous features!

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