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"A cookie-cutter home is not for us. We’ve spent years meticulously researching the home construction and home products markets to identify the features that would maximize comfort, ease of living, convenience and unique design for our soon-to-be-built dream home. And now, Carol's master collection of extraordinary home features puts it all at our fingertips! Despite our years of independent and time-consuming research, we discovered even more amazing home design ideas from Carol. No one should remodel or build a home without using this incredible resource!"

David and Carrie Farrington, Homeowners, Shohola PA

"What an exciting focus Carol’s work has! It's the built-ins and details that determine whether a design solution is exciting and successful. Homeowners across the country are looking for elements in their homes that are different and special, and that address today's lifestyle. I’ve found the design elements they’re most often seeking — whether in remodeled homes or new ones — revolve around comfort and functionality."

Peter Beucke, AIA Architect, Plymouth MN

Join the ranks of homeowners whose lives, homes and pocketbooks have been significantly enhanced by our convenience built-ins.

"Before Carol compiled her master collection of these features and made them available to all of us, it always took hundreds of hours to identify them when my clients researched what to consider including in their remodeling or building projects. And even after all that research, they all too often totally missed finding the ideas that would do the most to improve their ease of living and quality of life, or they didn’t learn about them until it was too late — and their homes were finished."

Ann Zimmerman, Interior Designer, Sedona AZ

"Carol’s collection fills the bill. I get more comments about the details and built-in items in my projects than any other aspects. People are hungry for clever ideas and new ways to approach old problems. "

Andre Rothblatt, AIA Architect, San Francisco CA www.andrerothblattarchitecture.com

"As Mies van der Rohe once said, 'God is in the details.' Some of the many details Carol helps clients learn about will seem obvious. However, it takes a resource like this to demonstrate how these details can make our homes more functional as well as reflective of our individual lifestyles."

John R. Wiltgen, IIDA Interior Designer, Chicago IL www.jrwdesign.com

"Even though these are often the least expensive single aspects of their homes, it never fails that these are the things my friends most excitedly tell their other friends about and point to when showing off their homes. Forget the dry-stack stone fireplace wall that took three men a week to build and cost a gazillion dollars — what they go bonkers about are the $20 automatic lights in the closets that go on and off as their doors open and close, like a refrigerator light does."

E. M. Stites, Homeowner, Cincinnati OH

"Character is found in many aspects of our homes, but that special individual charm that makes a home 'our home' evolves from the distinctive style — that personal design touch or feature — that speaks to us individually. The 'custom' touch from incorporating unique 'built-ins' and 'creative events' is something we all love to live with every day. It also is fun to proudly show off to our friends and family. After all, not only can surprising design serve multiple functions, it also delights us with a pleasant experience not expected, thereby elevating the charm and enjoyment found in one’s home. Carol’s collection of features, filled with hundreds of creative home design solutions, ideas and details, provides a bounty of charm and time-saving ideas for virtually every home creation!"

Jeff Page, Architect, Scottsdale AZ www.spacelinedesign.com

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