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Curious about the types of homeowners who can benefit most from our work?

Wondering if your upcoming project could be enhanced by our consulting or books?

The answer is probably “Yes!”
We make a big difference to many types of remodeling, building and home repair projects. Here’s a partial list to help you decide if we’re right for you:

First-time home buyers with a modest budget for personalizing their home prior to moving in.

Owner planning to remodel a different room every few years.

Artist wanting a fully-equipped studio.

Homeowner seeking a custom home that has every possible creature comfort.

Big-city co-op owner.

Aging adults modifying their home so it supports their growing old in it.

Growing family needing additional rooms added to the house.

Every homeowner’s life, home and pocketbook will be significantly enhanced by our convenience built-ins.

Homeowners using a floor plan from a plan book for their new home.

Owner of a fixer-upper.

Empty-nesters reconfiguring their rooms to simplify their life, or to better accommodate their interests and hobbies.

Owners wanting to make their home special without blowing their budget.

Adult needing a mother-in-law apartment.

Homeowners modifying their home to accommodate frequent entertaining.

Family with special-needs kids.

Homeowner downsizing to a smaller home.

Do-it-yourself remodelers seeking ideas they can install during several weekends.

Wheelchair-bound adults remodeling so they can live independently.

Townhouse or condominium owner.

Homeowners designing a dream home that everyone in their social circle will envy.

Buyers adding extras to their partially-built home in a subdivision.

Grandparent whose large, multi-generational family often stays overnight.

Homeowner needing a home office.

Retired adult planning space for a live-in caregiver.

Family wanting a second home for weekend get-aways.

Urban dweller making a loft livable.

Homeowners modifying their home to accommodate a disability.

Busy family desiring increased efficiency and reduced stress.

Architect, general contractor or interior designer wanting to introduce clients to ideas they may not have yet considered.

Real estate agent recommending home improvements that’ll insure a quick sale.

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