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Become Your Audience’s Hero By Introducing These Convenience Built-Ins That’ll Literally Change Their Lives

Imagine helping your audience discover dozens of exciting, innovative, practical, affordable yet uncommon convenience ideas they can add to their next home remodeling or building projects. . .

Features like:

  • Electrical outlets inside bathroom drawers for both hiding and using personal appliances while never unplugging them.
  • Bedroom ceiling fans on thermostats so no one ever wakes up sweating or chilled.
  • Family message and mail centers.
  • Closets whose lights turn on automatically as their doors open.
  • Dowels in cabinets that minimize creases and maximize accessibility of the table linens hung on them.

Every homeowner’s life, home and pocketbook will be significantly enhanced by our convenience built-ins.

These are convenience features that’ll add — big-time! — to the satisfaction, resale appeal and value your audience receives from their homes, no matter what their homes’ size, price, décor, age or style. They’re the built-ins that make ordinary homes extraordinary and truly special. They enhance every owner’s quality of life and ease of living, and increase a home’s livability, but they’re often difficult to learn about or find in any quantity through other idea sources. These are affordable ideas your audience will love!

When you think about the major efficiencies and shortcuts these ideas bring busy households, or how they help seniors and disabled adults live independently in their own homes long term, it's no overstatement to say these features change people's lives!

You can inform and inspire your audience about these built-ins while saving them hundreds of research hours and dollars.
Through 5,000 hours of research — using thousands of sources — since 1998, we’ve identified more than 1,000 of them. Just so your audience can quickly and easily learn about them and the convenience, function, comfort and safety they add.

They’ll enhance your audience’s lives, homes and pocketbooks in a big way. And make them the talk of the town!

These are not just clever features for the high-end, luxury market. They’re for virtually everyone!
Best of all, most of these convenience ideas can be added at no cost or low cost if the walls, ceilings and floors are already going to be open. That means they can make an important difference to virtually every one of the 30+ million US homes that are remodeled or built each year.

Long term, our goal is to change the face of American homebuilding by making dozens of these ideas standard in all homes — just as dishwashers, disposals and remote garage door openers became common in the 1960s after years of being only for the rich.

Short term, we hope to help thousands of homeowners have the homes of their dreams without big budgets. Would you like your audience to be among those lucky ones? Call or e-mail us if you would.

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We’re thrilled to be your expert resource about this dynamic and exciting part of the home remodeling and improvement industry!

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